Congratulations on purchasing your Airheads Zen-Station oxygen bar diffuser. If handled and maintained properly, your equipment will be making money for you for many years to come. Before you start working with your new Oxygen Bar equipment there are a few precautions that you must observe.

  • Remove equipment from the packing materials carefully.
  • When equipment is in operation, never let anyone smoke within a 10 foot radius.
  • Always change water and aromas every 40 – 50 hours of use or when cloudy.
  • Never reuse a used nasal cannula (nose hose).
  • Never make any medical claims as to the benefits of Oxygen.
  • Only use aromas approved by Airheads.
  • Always clean Zen-Station components with warm water and a mild soap.
  • Never get the inside electrical area of the components wet.

You can view and/or print the Zen-Station assembly instructions by clicking here.