The AOCS-5

The AOCS-10

The Airheads Oxygen Concentrator System (AOCS) are the lightest, most compact and quietest oxygen generators on the market today. Our units are unique from other manufacturer’s oxygen generating machines because the flow (volume) of oxygen can be controlled and “boosted” by turning the “flow knob” counter-clockwise to increase the flow (beyond its LPM rating), and clockwise to decrease the flow. When you increase the flow of oxygen, the oxygen concentration (percentage) lowers and when you decrease the flow of oxygen, the oxygen percentage increases.

The AOCS-5 will produce about 90% pure oxygen at about 2 LPM’s and will decrease to about 70% at about 5 LPM’s. The AOCS-10 will produce about 95% oxygen putiry at about 5 LPM’s and decrease to about 90% at 10 LPM’s.

With a low power consumption, either one of our oxygen concentrators can be plugged into any standard wall outlet. The rugged and easy to clean cabinets have a handles on them. The AOCS-10 also has caster wheels on its base for easy moving.

Airheads provides a limited warranty on all of our AOCS for 3 years as long as it is maintained properly, however, you may extend the warranty another 2 years during the checkout process.

Removing and washing the sponge filter with soap and water every month and avoiding dusty and humid environments are the only necessary maintenance for either of the our units.

The AOCS-5 has a maximum dimension of 13″ length by 8″ wide by 13″ tall and weighs in at less than 19 pounds.

The AOCS-10 has a maximum dimension of 16″ length by 15″ wide by 23″ tall and weighs in at less than 45 pounds.

There are 3 main components to a full Airheads Oxygen Bar System, the AOCS (pictured and mentioned above), the Aromarizers and the bar itself.  Click here to see our full catalog of products.