If you are in the Vape Business or Industry I would imagine that you might not be sleeping all that well lately. You have the double onslaught of the FDA getting ready to pass new regulations as well as the tobacco industry money machine trying to put you out of business, not to mention a new Vape store opening in every strip mall center.

Before you start to Google painless suicide alternatives, I want you to start using the left creative side of your brain, the other side of the same brain which analyzed the vape and electronic cigarette business and prompted you to “pull the trigger” and become an entrepreneurial pioneer in the first place.

What you need to do now is to expand your business to related services and products. You need to take advantage of the customer base you have built.

Give yourself some insulation, if you will a “business insurance policy” to protect you from these newly proposed FDA rules and regulations to your vape industry. I cannot think of a better way to do this than with aromatherapy in conjunction with an oxygen bar.

Offering these two therapies in an oxygen bar will add a new revenue stream to your operations. You will not have the FDA to worry about and you will expand your customer reach beyond your present base. Now you can cater to your customers’ non-smoking, non-vaping friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives and relatives.

You get the added bonus of an entirely new line of customers. People looking for alternative health services who want to take advantage of the healthful effects of the oxygen and aroma therapy.

With an Airheads “Zen-Station” you can add FOUR MORE SERVICES to your existing operation. It is a veritable money printing machine!

It is not a new concept. It is no different than that great seafood restaurant offering a great burger or steak for those who don’t eat fish. You are becoming more inclusive. You are creating an atmosphere where there is something for everyone.

Recently, we have had dozens of Vape store owners across the country purchase our Zen-Station for their Vape business and their success has been measured by their constant buying of supplies from us to service their customers.

On top of everything else, the competition in the Vape business has become insane.

Maybe the new proposed FDA Vape guidelines aren’t enough to entice you into diversification. Perhaps you used to be the “King of the Hill” being the only Vape shop in your area, and you used to be raking in the bucks? Did you wake up one morning, drive to your store and notice many copycat “Johnny come lately” stores just down the street from you?  If you did, now more than ever, you need to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. You need to stay one step ahead of your competition.  The Zen-Station multi-therapy and oxygen bar system will give you that edge.  I strongly urge you to maintain your first to the market advantage before your competition does!

You are probably questioning yourself, “with business on the decline, how can I afford to purchase a new item such as this?  It ALWAYS comes down to money, but we have the simple answer: You can’t afford NOT TO purchase this item simply because you can get started for an investment of less than $300! Click here to read more about and/or purchase our Zen-Station multi-therapy system.