The Oxygen DietWhat if I told you that you could lose weight just by breathing? You would think I am either ready for a straight jacket or the biggest scam artist in history. The fact is, according to many of our oxygen bar users you can lose weight just by breathing. That’s right, you can watch television, read or work while you increase your metabolism and curb your appetite. This system does not rely on counting calories or buying special foods. Sounds interesting doesn’t it. Let me explain further.

We all know that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand the basic formula for weight loss. You just need to burn more calories than you eat. That way your body begins to burn the excess fat you have stored away. It sounds so simple but anyone who has tried to lose weight can tell you, it’s not that simple to apply.

Overweight people have a more difficult time exercising, often are plagued with a slower metabolism and seem to feel hungry all the time. Of course there are other factors but these seem to stand out more than anything else. Scientists are now talking about a pill that replaces exercise. Can you imagine getting all the benefits of going to the gym without exercising? Unfortunately, this magic pill is still not a realty.

There are “diet pills” but they are really not safe, often have nasty side effects and the weight quickly returns in most instances. We will have colonies on Mars before we have a safe and effective diet pill. Diets seem to be the best way to lose weight. Unfortunately, they don’t work long term either. It is not long before your hunger and desire for the “bad” foods return and the pounds go back on. You need to change your life not only your diet. You need to find a way to suppress those urges to eat that have become more of a habit than a real biological necessity.

The answer, according to our clients is OXYGEN!

The Oxygen DietOxygen increases circulation and speeds up your metabolism. Speeding up your metabolism will of course burn more calories. The human body is sometimes called an “oxygen factory.” Oxygen is the fuel that permits cellular processes to work. Low blood oxygen levels could indicate disease or something going wrong in your body. If the oxygen levels to cells drops, the message to our brain is “feed us.” If 90% of our energy is derived from oxygen, and the other 10% is derived from food and water, does it make sense that if we take in more O2, the less hungry we would feel? We accidently found about this from our oxygen bar users and clients! We have been manufacturing and selling oxygen bar equipment since 1998 and we have quite a large customer base. Customers tell us that in addition to a better overall mind, body and spirit, they were also losing weight. We do not have scientific studies to back up our findings, but the effects of aromatherapy coupled with oxygen are well known.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries and is an important tool for any holistic medical practitioner. Our sense of smell and the use of various essential oils to influence what we smell can have a profound effect on our overall health and well-being. It cannot effect our mood, energy levels, breathing, metabolism and most importantly in this case, our appetite. Some aromas will make you hungry even when you really have no need to eat. Smell that freshly baked apple pie and you want a slice. But what aromas can I use to suppress my hunger? Breathing oxygen flavored with almond, peppermint and eucalyptus suppressed or relieved the feeling of hunger from most “oxygen bar goers” appetites. How can this be? Many modern medicines are derived from plants. Pharmaceutical companies spend a fortune researching the effects of plants on disease and symptom relief. The natural essential oils we use are derived from plants and their effects have been well known long before there was documented studies.

You must also keep in mind that aromatherapy can have a significant effect on mood. Many people eat out of anger, frustration and anxiety. In simple terms – STRESS. Aromatherapy with oxygen and the proper choice of an essential oil or aroma, will help relieve stress. It has a well-known calming effect on the body and mind. The mental push for oral gratification is subdued. That is why it is used for not only weight loss but smoking cessation programs as well. Read our testimonials at the end of this article.

Skeptics will say “I am already breathing oxygen. After all the air is 21% oxygen. It has been that way since the beginning of life on earth.” But this is not entirely true. Scientists have reported before industrialization the oxygen content was much higher. In some highly industrialized areas the oxygen content is lower than the average 21%. This can be one of the causes of the pervasiveness of cancer. After all, the only organ in the body that does not get cancer is the highly oxygenated heart.

Oxygen is synonymous with life. It energizes the body and helps it heal. Athletes can be seen breathing oxygen at sporting events? They all agree that oxygen increases their performance, endurance, and energy levels. Oxygen has been known to displace harmful free radicals, neutralize environmental toxins, and destroy anaerobic infectious bacteria, parasites and microbes. Oxygen gives the body the ability to rebuild itself, detoxify blood, and strengthen the immune system. Just a ten-minute breathing session of pure oxygen heightens concentration and alertness. Oxygen has also been known to help in the prevention of disease, relieve hangovers, and alleviate migraine headaches.

Used in spas worldwide and marketed as the “Fountain of Youth” oxygen is becoming more and more popular in the mainstream and its everyday practical applications have been sitting there right under our noses all this time.

Read our latest testimonials about oxygen and weight loss.