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Portable Oxygen Bars, Table-tops & Bar Stands

This is the premier bar on the market today! Our bar designer has been "in the trenches" for over 5 years lugging around standard oxygen bar equipment from place to place.

Oxygen Generators and Oxygen Concentrators Explained

The AOCS takes ambient room air and turns it into O2 by filtering it through a molecular filter, compressing the Oxygen and cycling out the nitrogen. It provides an amber light on the front panel that illuminates if the unit's oxygen purity is below 85%. If this condition continues for more than 15 minutes, an audible alarm sounds.

Oxygen Diffusers and Aromatherapy Diffusers Explained

The Aromarizer serves two purposes, both of which will make for a more pleasant “oxygen experience.” They humidify the oxygen, and “flavor” the oxygen before it reaches your nose.

Using Plastic Bottles with Essential Oils

USING PLASTIC BOTTLES WITH ESSENTIAL OILS Sometimes I let sleeping dogs lie, but it's starting to get tedious listening to the misconceptions about plastic bottles and essential oils. I want to take a few minutes and clear things up. We sell oxygen bars, and about a year ago we switched [...]