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Are Vape Stores in Trouble?

If you are in the Vape Business or Industry I would imagine that you might not be sleeping all that well lately. You have the double onslaught of the FDA getting ready to pass new regulations as well as the tobacco industry money machine trying to put you out of business, not to mention a [...]

Oxygen Bars as a Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Learn about how your business can increase profits and revenue thanks to our oxygen bars.

Oxygen Bar Equipment for Tanning Salons

Oxygen produces melanin. Melanin is a pigment that affects skin, eye, and hair color in humans and other mammals. It is produced by melanocytes, which are found in the bottom layer of the skins epidermis.

Who Can Use an Oxygen Bar?

Oxygen bars are the perfect addition for many types of businesses, looking to increase profits! Here are some of the businesses we've identified as ideal for an oxygen bar.