Aromarizer-6 Deluxe

There are many names used to describe this piece of equipment that holds the bottles which hold the water and the “flavors.” Most oxygen bar companies call these units “diffusers” and some call them “infusers.” There are also some oxygen bar companies that have given their product a different name altogether. We call our oxygen and aromatherapy diffusers “Aromarizers” and they are offered in a two bottle system (Aromarizer-2 “Zen-Station” model) or six bottle system (A-6 Deluxe model).

Although these items may all be named differently, they all accomplish the same task which is humidification of the air (or oxygen) so that it doesn’t dry out the user’s nose when inhaled, and serving as a vessel to give the user aromatherapy.

Depending on whether you chose to purchase just an aromatherapy system or you choose to purchase an oxygen and aromatherapy system, Oxygen (or air) flows from the “machine” directly to the Aromarizer. Each of the Aromarizer bottles will have about two inches of potable water with 8 to 12 drops of our all-natural and therapeutic aromas in them. (If you can drink the water, it is potable!) The oxygen flows through each bottle’s water and aroma mixture giving the oxygen its “flavor.” The flow of oxygen (or air) to each bottle is controlled by the blue “control valves” on the rear of the Aromarizer unit.

The “flavored oxygen” (or air) then flows out of the bottle where the user will connect to their choice of “flavor” or scent. In our Aromarizer-2 (Zen-Station model), the user will have their choice of two aromas, and they will be able to plug their nasal cannula (nose hose) into one of the two ports on the rear of the unit. On the Aromarizer-6 model, the nose hose will be plugging into a two foot piece of tubing coming from the “out port” on top of the bottle cap. If you have an Aromarizer-6, you will be able to choose from six different aromas.

Most oxygen bar companies do not use essential oils. We strongly recommend that you do not use artificially colored food grade aroma liquids, or powdered aromas! Even though they are considered to be “oxygen safe”, they are inferior in quality compared to the essential oil aromas that Oxygen Bar Sales uses. Knowing this, it would be natural to ask, “Why can’t Oxygen Bar Sales competitors use these same essential oils?” The answer is simple: Their cheap and clear plastic bottles will interact with any oil based liquid and ruin the clarity and aesthetic look of their bottles.

Consider this: Using cheap aroma liquids and / or powdered aromas is basically like using supermarket jarred seasoning when you have fresh organic herbs at your disposal in the form of essential oils. Since 1998 Oxygen Bar Sales has never compromised the use of our all-natural, therapeutic grade essential oils just to make a larger margin. We use the same oils in our Aromarizers that you will find being used in alternative medicine, holistic, and wellness practitioners.


The Aromarizer-2 (A-2) AKA “The Zen-Station”


Our compact, lightweight and futuristic-looking Aromarizer-2 is also known as the “Zen-Station.” Super compact, measuring only 12 inches long by 5 inches wide and standing 11 inches tall, this “personal unit” can be placed virtually anywhere without it being obtrusive. Even though this was intended to be sold as a personal a stand-alone unit, it has the capability of being upgraded. Multiple units can be “daisy-chained” or linked together to give you “the look” and / or the service that you require now, or later down the road.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the “Zen-Station” has the following features:

  • Constructed of tough and wear resistant ABS plastic – durable and resists scratches and damage.
  • Simple assembly and breakdown takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Weighs in at less than 10 lbs. WITH water in the bottles!
  • Easy to clean and keeps clean.
  • Can be used in any country with an electrical power adaptor (not included.)
  • A box of 18 replacement bottles costs only $89.95 USD.
  • Our 3 Year Warranty (which can be upgraded to a 5 Year Warranty for an additional $25.00 cost.)
  • What makes the Zen-Station unique is that it comes stock and out of the box giving you, and another user, all these features in one unit:
    • Aromatherapy
    • Light Therapy
    • Sound Therapy
    • Oxygen Therapy (*if you purchase an oxygen concentrator which is sold separately)

Included in the Zen-Station package is the AP-2000 which will pump enough ambient air to give the “Zen-Station” users up to 4 LPM’s of aromatherapy each. Also included in the package are two half ounce bottles of aromatherapies – eucalyptus and lavender. To read more about aromatherapy click here.

The base of each Zen-Station unit has a R/G/B LED light under each of the two bottles. These lights can operate together or independently from each other, and they are all controlled with a wireless remote. The color combinations and flashing effects are endless!

The AP-2000 is not just an ordinary air pump used to pump air for aromatherapy. Its pleasant hum can be a great sleep aid for insomniacs. Research has found that certain Hz ranges cancel out outside noise interference which in turn relaxes your body and mind.

You may want to bypass the AP-2000’s pleasant hum to focus on other de-stress and relaxation techniques. We offer you downloadable addition sounds, binaural beats, and music to accomplish meditation, lucid dreaming, or self-hypnosis. We have a library of sounds which could help in focused study, creativity, and stimulating imagination. There are sounds to help with headaches and pain management as well.

In addition to giving you the above-mentioned three therapies out of the box, you may choose to add on oxygen therapy as an option. To read more about how oxygen therapy may help you click here.

To view the instruction manual and how to care for your for the Zen-Station A-2 diffuser click here.


The Aromarizer (A-6) Deluxe

Aromarizer-6 Deluxe

Our Aromarizer-6 units have gone through many changes since we started to manufacture them back in 1998. Today our A-6 “Deluxe” design is compact, light

weight, and sexier than ever! The A-6 Deluxe units can sit on any table-top, bar-top, or countertop of at least 32 inches long and 10 inches wide. They stand about 14 inches tall, and if ordered with our AOCS-10 oxygen concentrator, each A-6 Deluxe unit will service up to 6 individuals at one time! This is a unique feature of Airhead’s equipment – no other oxygen bar manufacturer can service up to 6 people simultaneously from just ONE oxygen bar diffuser!

Each of the 6 bottles in our A-6 Deluxe units have their own LED light under them. Each light can be individually controlled by pressing a button which will give you the choice of white, yellow, green, cyan, dark blue, purple, orange, fade, and off. There is even a separate LED light control button to illuminate the front panel of the unit with the same color functions. This means that you can assign 7 different colors to reflect match any decor, mood, or color associated with a specific aroma, or place them on “fade mode” which will slowly turn the bottles through every color of the rainbow! Each unit comes with a translucent blank white faceplate that can be branded with your logo or company message. Additional faceplates are available that can be custom branded for your clients, events, or special occasions.

This A-6 Deluxe owns “THE WOW FACTOR” which will attract people like moths to a flame. That is why our Aromarizers are widely known in the industry as THE “People Magnet.”

In addition to the above-mentioned, and being the sexiest and most cost effective oxygen bar diffuser unit available today (price a six person oxygen bar with our competitors and see for yourself), the Aromarizer-6 has the following features:

  • Individual RGB LED lighting control buttons for each bottle.
  • Storage compartment area on the rear is made to hold 6 aromas, cell phones, and other items.
  • Control valves and buttons conveniently located for use of the “oxy-bartender” preventing misuse by of the hands of the customers.
  • Constructed of tough and wear resistant ABS plastic – durable and resists scratches and damage.
  • Simple assembly and breakdown takes less than 15 minutes.
  • Weighs less than 10 lbs. WITH water in the bottles!
  • Easy to clean and keeps clean.
  • Can be used in any country with an electrical power adaptor (not included.)
  • Inexpensive replacement bottles and parts kit costs only $69.95 USD.
  • Our 3 Year Warranty (which can be upgraded to a 5 Year Warranty for an additional $75.00 cost.)

To view the instruction manual for the Aromarizer-6 Deluxe click here.