Sometimes I let sleeping dogs lie, but it’s starting to get tedious listening to the misconceptions about plastic bottles and essential oils. I want to take a few minutes and clear things up.

We sell oxygen bars, and about a year ago we switched from expensive, custom glass bottles to high-quality plastic. The transition was relatively smooth and we were able to lower our prices. Just about all of our customers were thrilled.

But, from time to time, we get someone who has been indoctrinated with misinformation and absolutely doesn’t want anything to do with a plastic bottle based diffuser. Trying to make them understand the difference between storage and usage is next to impossible. I am going to give you facts, since I am not trying to recruit accolades to a multi-level marketing scheme.

First of all, it is true. If you store pure, undiluted essential oils in a plastic bottle, over time it will degrade the container. Remember, I just said store and in “storage.”

Let me quote from a well known website that sells essential oils, as they seem to say it very clearly: “Diluted essential oil preparations such as aromatherapy oils (when used inside of an oxygen bar style diffuser) are fine in plastic since the concentration of essential oil is very low.”

When we use an essential oil, we are first putting water (2 inches of it) in the bottle first. Then, we are only adding about 10 drops of the oil. This is a substantial dilution. and we are using a special, high-grade plastic that has been tested with these oils. In other words, you are not exposing the plastic to direct contact with essential oils. There is no breakdown of the plastic and it is perfectly safe to use.

I do agree that, if possible, you should store your essential oils the same way you should store beer – in a dark glass bottles. But again, that is for storage not dispensing.

For those of you who have seen the demonstration where an essential oil is placed on styrofoam and it melts, I can only tell you that if you think this is true of all plastic, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. It is a ruse and generally a indication that you are not dealing with the most honest individual or company – and I am being kind.

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