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Oxygen Therapy and Its Effect on Sexual Dysfunction

Since Adam and Eve, men and women have been obsessed with making the pleasurable act of making love even more pleasurable. We have tried devices, creams, and other artificial means of stimulation, and the answer to a more natural sex enhancement has been sitting right under our noses all this time – It’s OXYGEN and AROMATHERAPY!

Oxygen Therapy and Its Effect on Memory Problems

As we age, it seems that things get lost in the brain’s shuffle of information – like where we put our keys or someone’s name. This can be exceedingly frustrating, especially the more often it occurs.

Oxygen Therapy and Its Effect on Jet Lag

Anyone who's flown across the Atlantic or further will know the feelings of exhaustion that can overwhelm you on arrival. Why does jet lag happen and is there any way to minimize its effects?

Oxygen Therapy and Its Effect on Hangovers

Oxygen treatments are said to be the newest trend, invading the states with great popularity in Hollywood and Las Vegas. Even dating shows on television, such as "Xtreme Dating," are featuring oxygen bars.

Oxygen Therapy and Its Effect on Sleep Disorders

Oxygen is so basic for our everyday life, that it's taken for granted. The medical community is beginning to rediscover how important oxygen is to our bodily functions.

Oxygen Therapy and Its Effect on Exercise (EWOT)

EWOT takes about 15 minutes a day to do from the comfort of your home or office and will help you both sustain health and recover health.

Oxygen Therapy and Its Effect on Digestive Problems

Most bacteria thrive in slightly acidic conditions. Slightly alkaline blood keeps bacteria from multiplying because it absorbs oxygen better. Oxygen hastens the breakdown of pathogenic bacteria, since most harmful bacteria are anaerobic (cannot tolerate oxygen).

Oxygen Therapy and Its Effect on Depression

Everyone feels "blue" once in a while, but when depression deepens or persists for a long time, it can suppress your energy for living and make you more vulnerable to disease by dampening the immune system.

Oxygen Therapy and Its Effect on Circulatory Problems

It is well known that oxygen plays a key role in every cellular process. It supports the immune system, destroys toxic substances, fuels metabolism, and promotes new cell growth.

Oxygen Therapy and Its Effect on Cancer & Disease

The brighter red the color of your blood, the more oxygen it carries. The darker its color, the less oxygen it carries. Arterial blood is generally a brighter red because it has recently passed through the lungs. Venous blood is generally a darker red because it has passed through the capillaries where the oxygen is transferred from the blood to the tissues.