Digital Timer

We are frequently asked “How long does an oxygen bar session last?” There is no official standard time for a session. Most of our oxygen bar owners use increments of 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes. Massage therapists will keep their clients breathing longer, but only not to disrupt their relaxation session.

This brings us to the question of timers – do I really need one for my oxygen bar? Airheads, Inc. purposely excludes built in timers from all of its oxygen bar diffuser units. Even our newest product, the A-6 Deluxe, which is the most advanced oxygen bar diffuser on the market, was purposely designed without a timer.

Let me explain why. The oxygen and aromatherapy experience is supposed to be restful and relaxing. For some it happens right away. For others it takes a little longer. The last thing an oxygen bar user wants is to finally “get into the relaxation zone” and then be abruptly cut off. Any reverie that they might have is taken from them in an instant if an oxygen session is suddenly shut down. It is like the alarm clock going off in the morning waking you out of a restful sleep. It is the antithesis of what an oxygen bar experience should be and it’s not what Airheads Inc. wants for their customers.

Once an oxygen bar user is “hooked up” it does not cost you any additional money to permit them to use it for 10 minutes or 15 minutes or 17 minutes, etc. Your costs are fixed in the supplies, in this case the nose hose and the aromas. Unless there is a line of people waiting to be serviced, you do not lose any revenue by giving the customer above and beyond the time that they paid for. A gentle reminder that the session has come to an end is much better. If you want to develop repeat customers, just ask them if they are enjoying the experience. You can be their “hero” by telling them to take another 5 minutes “on the house.” The next time you see them, you can recommend a longer discounted session for them. Our business customers all agree that this is the best way to handle clients.

Another reason we do not use a built in timer is that it becomes a point of failure on the machine. We have redesigned and perfected our equipment over the last 20 years. Our products are built for long term commercial use with little or no maintenance other than cleaning. The last thing we want to do is introduce a point of possible failure into the system. If the unit is producing continuous revenue, do you really want to stop that revenue stream to ship the unit back for repair?

There are dozens of different timers you can buy that can be set to gently remind you that a session is up or about to come to an end. Airheads Inc. has a simple and easy to use hand-held timer in our online sales catalog that can be purchased by clicking here.

If you are using an oxygen bar at home, timers are certainly not an issue. If you are a business user we strongly suggest you find a way to time sessions in a manner that does not impair the tranquility you are trying to achieve in the first place, and do everything possible to maximize your client’s enjoyment of the experience. You goal is a repeat customer.