CalTan1Oxygen produces melanin. Melanin is a pigment that affects skin, eye, and hair color in humans and other mammals. It is produced by melanocytes, which are found in the bottom layer of the skins epidermis. Some individual animals and humans have very little or a lack of melanin in their bodies, which is known as a condition called albinism. Melanin helps protect the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Most peoples skin darkens when exposed to UV light, giving them more protection when it is needed.

Just as with a premium tan accelerator such as California Tan’s Liquidox™ oxygen will give you a 20%-30% deeper and darker tan. As you breathe, your body absorbs the oxygen and your circulatory system spreads it to all of your cells. Oxygen nourishes your skin, boosts circulation and opens pores which leads to deeper product penetration. The more melanin you produce, the darker you tan.

There are other great reasons to “Oxygen tan.” Oxygen relieves stress, and relaxes you, and that’s where you want to be before or while lying in a tanning bed.

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The oxygen bar Aromarizer (infuser) stations of other Oxygen Bar companies are single person stations that need to be placed inside every tanning cubical. These four bottle units are now antiquated. Airheads has reinvented the Aromarizer by creating a multi-station unit now making it affordable for every tanning salon owner to own at least one! The main station Aromarizer unit can be placed in the front of the store, along with the Oxygen Concentrator (AOCS) in the waiting area, for all the customers to see and utilize while waiting for a bed to become vacant. These units light up like a Christmas tree and can be placed in your store window at night. Optional branding of this equipment will act as a neon sign and attract new inquisitive customers into your salon.

Vinyl tubing can be run up to 75 feet back to your tanning beds, one line to each room. One line will come from each room either placed through the walls or above the room partitions. Each line will be numbered as they converge in the front of your store or wherever the Aromarizer is placed. If the patron in room number two wants to breathe lavender, you simply connect the room #2 hose to the bottle labeled lavender. It’s like connecting wires in the old time telephone operator switchboard. If there is a customer in a room, as well as one up front that wants to breathe the same aroma, one of the unused aroma bottles can be slid out of the Aromarizer fixture, and a new aroma bottle and scent can be slid into the Aromarizer fixture slot with ease. (Extra aroma bottles and assemblies can be purchased separately).

The main reason for having an oxygen bar in your tanning salon would be to increase your profits. You may have taken the plunge into the retail business 21 days ago or 21 years ago, and owning a tanning salon has enabled you to realize many of your goals. You all have been pioneers at one time or another, expanding your territories. If you are reading this, you probably have been successful in your startup and you are looking to expand your operations, whether it be opening up another salon or bringing in new ideas or merchandise. An oxygen bar is the perfect vehicle to increase revenues without taking up valuable space or putting yourself into a financial bind.

Here are the numbers: If you have an operation that yields 100 tanning sessions on an average day, and you offer the oxygen bar to your tanning customers at a $5 premium, would it be fair to say that a minimum of 10 of these customers (10 people a day) may give it a try? That would translate into $50 a day and if you are open 5 days a week (and many of you are open 7), that would translate to $250 a week. If you multiply $250 by 8 weeks, guess what? Your equipment is paid for and everything that follows is profit!

The system costs pennies to run once the customer has been given a nasal cannula (nose hose – your cost: .39 each if purchased in 1000 piece packages). The water, electric, and aromas are negligible in cost. To replace a years’ supply of 6 aromas would cost only $95. You may want to give the customer a new nose hose every time he or she comes into your salon for a session, or you may opt to sell them their nose hose at $1, and then they will receive $1 off every oxygen bar session when they bring their nose hose with them.

Usually, oxygen bars charge $1 per minute as a stand alone unit. You have to know what your area can handle, and what the price point should be. Remember, this is an add on to your business and I’m a true believer of giving the customer their money’s worth. As mentioned above, there are no real costs incurred while running the equipment except for the .39 cent nose hose. Why not let the customer “breathe” for as long as the tanning session lasts, or let the customer “breathe” while waiting until a tanning bed becomes vacant? Whether you have a 20 minute bed or a 10 minute bed, it doesn’t matter! It would be great for the customer to think he’s taking advantage of you if you charged that person $7 for a standard 10 minute Oxygen Bar session and they remained on it for 20 minutes. You know he or she will return to your establishment because you have treated them right. This is what separates YOUR salon from you competitors. You cannot overdose on O2!

An Aromarizer-6 with an AOCS (oxygen concentrator) capable of servicing one, two or three people simultaneously can be purchased for only $2,595 plus shipping! This system is turnkey and complete with about a year supply of 6 assorted aromas, 200 UV transparent nose hoses, connections, labels, a bottle brush and a 3 year warranty. These units carry the Airheads unequalled 3 year warranty. After you have purchased this system, and you have decided that you want to service up to SIX people simultaneously, a subsequent AOCS’s can be purchased and be added in line with your existing system for just $1,495. Click here to see the perfect start up equipment packages for your salon!

If you have decided to take the plunge and service up to SIX people simultaneously upon your initial purchase, a NEW, twice as powerful AOCS-10 complete package is available, along with the Aromarizer-6 for $3,595. This system is turnkey and complete with about a year supply of 6 assorted aromas, 200 UV transparent nose hoses, connections, labels, a bottle brush and a the same Airheads 3 year warranty. Keep in mind that you may want to upgrade the Aromarizer-6 to an Aromarizer-8 ($295) if you choose this option. The Aromarizer-8 offers two more bottles to choose aromas from and the display length is about 8″ longer (at 37″) than its smaller brother (at 29″).

Your company logo can appear in white on the back-lighted blue, green, purple, or red Aromarizer panel for only a $100 premium. A black logo on a white Aromarizer panel is also available. Full Color, complex logos or artwork can be reproduced for $200 per unit. Call us for details.

Airheads state-of-the-art equipment has been seen in Looking Fit, Tanning Trends, Island Sun Times, and was the Official Oxygen Bar Sponsor of the ITA World Expo in Nashville. Airheads Oxygen Bars is now the #1 choice of salon owners with our radical designs and “breathtaking” performance. For a small investment, you can have customers lining up to use this unique and cutting edge cash producing system.

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