The most important issue here that we must deal with is anyone running or selling an oxygen bar is not allowed to offer legal or medical advice. With that being said, we would like to offer you our opinions based on our experience being in the oxygen bar business and research we have done on this topic since 1998.

We sell and operate oxygen bars for amusement or recreational purposes only. Federal agencies would be very upset if we touted the beneficial effects of oxygenated aromatherapy. Nevertheless, we do realize that many if not most of our customers are in some type of alternative health business. They do speak about the positive effects of aromatherapy as well as oxygen combined with aromatherapy. In our opinion we do not think a SWAT team will be rushing in to shut down the local health spa or massage center (unless they are giving the wrong type of massages).

We recommend you follow FDA guidelines. The gist of these guidelines stress not advertising medical claims and using a disclaimer for any claims you do make stating that they were not reviewed by the FDA. In general, the government has taken a “live and let live” approach to all of this. Don’t advertise miracle cures and they will leave you alone.

Who can use an oxygen bar?

There are oxygen bars operating all over Las Vegas and all over the United States. They have been there for years, and millions of people have seen and used them. Oxygen bars are featured at trade shows (even at medical trade shows), parties and corporate meetings from many of the Fortune 500 companies. You will also find countless numbers of oxygen bars in spas, wellness centers, beauty salons, hotels, gyms, health food stores, shopping malls, chiropractic and physician offices all over the world.

We are also asked if you need any special licenses or permits. If you have what is required in your town or city to run a business, any business, you should not need anything additional to have add an oxygen bar to your existing business.  The key thing to remember here is that you do not store oxygen or any compressed gases, so even the Fire Marshall’s input is not needed. You are making harmless, nonvolatile gas from the ambient air that we breathe and the oxygen is not stored or kept under pressure.