cocktail-726441_1280Oxygen treatments are said to be the newest trend, invading the states with great popularity in Hollywood and Las Vegas. Even dating shows on television, such as “Xtreme Dating,” are featuring oxygen bars. Numerous casinos, including The Venetian and The Tropicana, have oxygen bars for thrill-seekers. The MGM Grand’s restaurant, Olio!, reports that about 78,000 customers a year visit their oxygen bar. The myths and rumors about pure oxygen treatments are well-circulated; it can clear the mind to study, increase endurance, boost energy and lessen the effects of hangovers.

When you’re hungover, your body has just taken a hit from the alcohol, plenty of which is still in your blood. You’re still breaking down the alcohol and the side effects of this are the hangover symptoms you’ll be feeling.

Oxygen plays an important part in any kind of recovery. When your liver is breaking down the alcohol into acetaldehyde, it takes 3 oxygen molecules to break down 1 alcohol molecule. The acetaldehyde is then subsequently broken down into water (excreted in your urine after being removed from your blood) and also into carbon dioxide which is expelled when you breathe out. To simplify the explanation, if you’re loading your body with oxygen, it expedites the breakdown of alcohol and expels it from your body much faster. To see how one of our clients created a business with our oxygen bar and “hangover relief” click here.

We have not performed rigorous double-blind studies on oxygen and hangovers, however, we have literally sold thousands of oxygen bars all over the world and have received plenty of feedback from our commercial clients as well as individual home users regarding the positive effects of our product. During the past couple of decades we have received customer testimonials and phone calls telling us how much better our oxygen bar users feel, telling us that just a 10 minute session alleviates their migraines, cluster headaches, and hangovers. There are oxygen bar businesses that have literally built their whole business and marketing strategy upon this one benefit and they continue to thrive year after year.

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