The following locations, individuals and events have been identified as ideal situations to use an Oxygen Bar:

water-165219_1280Resorts: The average person who chooses a resort, inn, or hotel usually weighs two issues. The cost of stay is always a factor, but more consideration is given to the location’s amenities and THAT is usually what separates two properties when cost is equal. Large facility owners and catering managers need to maintain their market shares by upgrading their operations to increase their customer satisfaction. A happy guest is a returning guest, or at the very least a referral to their friends and family. Airheads will make resort, hotel, and inn guests and their children happy and energized! Setting up a kiosk to refresh skiers at ski resorts, and help with altitude sickness and oxygen bar sessions at poolside would be great for those quick “pick-me-ups” which are needed for those people who may have ‘partied too hard’ the night before.

whatis3Flea Markets, Festivals, Car Shows, Rodeos, Concerts & State Fairs:  All are all wonderful venues to operate on a pay-per-session basis. They have plenty of potential patrons and usually many tourists and expendable income.

Juice Bars & Health Food Venues: Offering a healthy session of oxygen and aromatherapy for those who are into healthy & holistic living. Usually these are people who do not really mind spending the extra dollar for something that would benefit their mind, body and soul.

Coffee Shops, Smoothie Shops, Libraries & Internet Cafes: Perfect venues where people congregate and will pay to get that subtle ‘lift’ that oxygen will give them.

Gyms and Health Clubsgym-595597_1280Athletes, and everyday people who are training all know that oxygen will give their body that extra energy to lift those few extra pounds. Exercise and oxygen go hand and hand. Exercise increases the human body’s need for Oxygen, in turn creating fatigue and muscle pain. Offering members an EWOT program with oxygen before and after a workout will enhance the member’s stamina, strength, energy, and performance. Just a ten minute session on our oxygen bar will give the body the ability to rebuild itself, detoxify blood, and strengthen the immune system. It will heighten your members’ concentration and alertness. In short, having an oxygen bar will make your patrons feel better while giving them time to wind down from working out. The different aromas will fill the air with a pleasing bouquet, rather than the stale, musty smell of a gym locker room.

Yoga Studios: Simply put, a fantastic venue to have an oxygen bar! People practice yoga for the physical benefits as well as the spiritual and relaxation benefits. Airheads oxygen and aromatherapy bars cover ALL those bases! Every Yoga studio owner should have this system to offer their clients, whether it’s on a pay-per-session basis or as a free perk for signing people up during their membership drives.

waiting-room-277314_1280Health Care Professionals: Chiropractors, acupuncturists, holistic practitioners, doctors, and even dentists have purchased our equipment to give their clients a nice and relaxing experience while in their waiting rooms. Can you put a price on such a small investment which will keep a smile on your patients’ faces while waiting for what sometimes seems like hours to be seen? What could be a better addition to a doctor’s waiting room or office than an Airheads oxygen and aromatherapy bar? Whether patients are getting an adjustment, laying on a roller-bed, or just sitting in the treatment or waiting room, Airheads equipment will give them “a breath of fresh air.” Just a five to ten minute session on our oxygen bar displaces harmful free radicals, neutralizes environmental toxins, and destroys anaerobic infectious bacteria, parasites, and microbes. Oxygen gives the body the ability to relax and rebuild itself. It detoxifies blood, and strengthens the immune system while healing your mind, body, and your soul. Click here to read more about our success story for one DDS in California.

Real Estate Offices & Open Houses: Selling or buying a home is always a stressful ordeal. Take a “breather” at the Oxygen bar while browsing through the MLS or signing contracts at a closing. Having the Oxygen bar will separate you and your agency from all the others.

Airports: Who doesn’t need a pick-me-up after a long flight or layover? An oxygen bar hand-in-hand with a chair massage in the airline terminal is the perfect recipe for jet lag, stiff muscles, and general sluggishness, which accompany all of us who fly at one time or another. Shoe shiners would benefit by an oxygen bar to combat the smell of the shoe polish and energize their clients while they are sitting around.

gambling-602976_1280Casinos: THE perfect venue to operate, with tons of tourists and plenty of expendable income to be had. This is a pay-per-session paradise! Casinos love us because we keep their gamblers up and alert so they can spend more money.  People who visit casinos have expandable income and are there to have a good time. In order to completely understand the gravity of these venues, you must visit Las Vegas where you can find an oxygen bar on almost every corner and in almost every major hotel and mall – and they are all bustling with clientele! many of these casinos still allow smoking and many customers cannot stand the air quality and must “take a breather” every once in a while to keep gaming. Others may just have had too much to drink and need something to help alleviate their hangover and $10 is a small price to pay to freshen up while enjoying yourself on vacation.

Hair & Nail Salons: This is a “no-brainer!” There is never enough time in our stressful days to do what needs to get done. We work hard and we play hard. Nowadays we need to relax and unwind more than ever, and when we do, we pamper ourselves to make ourselves feel better. Maybe you have customers in your nail salon that are sensitive to, or hate the smell of acetate? We all know how horrible hair coloring smells! What better way to avoid fumes than breathing the refreshing scent of peppermint, or the invigorating and sinus clearing scent of eucalyptus?

Tanning Salons: A marriage made in heaven! There is so much to be said here, we have dedicated a separate web page to address these ‘gold mine’ venues. Please click here to go to Oxygen and Tanning.

Tattoo Parlors: One of the benefits of Oxygen is its ability to de-stress. Combine Oxygen with a relaxing session of aromatherapy and you have the perfect add-on service for patrons “getting ink.”

Massage Parlors: The perfect addon to create the perfect relaxation experience and to generate an additional income.

Head Shops: Every head shop owner should have an Oxygen bar on premise. Visitors to head shops just love to “hang out” and socialize. Head shop owners have been using our Oxygen bars as another means of bringing in cash income to their establishment, and to bring in a “different class” of clientele that would not normally stop in.

Spas, Day Spas, & Medical Spas: The fastest growing of all the possibilities. Our “Money Maker” packages are actually craved by these establishment owners who are looking for the newest service or ‘thing’ to offer their affluent clients and differentiate their spa from others in their area.

Float Tanks and Sensory Deprivation Centers: In today’s stress filled world there are places that people go to escape it all. These places are designed to “deprive your senses” of outside stimuli and help you relax you and relieve you of stress. Since oxygen is a natural stress reliever, many of these establishments have been purchasing our equipment as an addon to their services.

Infusion Centers: Typically, “infusion therapy” means that a drug is administered intravenously, but the term also may refer to situations where vitamins and other homeopathic potions are pumped into your system to achieve a healthier mind, body, and soul. Some of these establishments have been know to market to the “alcohol overindulgent” as a hangover treatment center. Our oxygen combined with their intravenous treatments have proven to be very successful in bringing the clients “back from the dead…”

Malls:  Setting up a oxygen bar kiosk to refresh shoppers and to keep the kids entertained while mom takes care of business.

thumbs-791709_1280Colleges & Universities: Now, more than ever, students are stressed out. They overextend themselves by keeping awake when studying for finals. More and more schools are renting (and purchasing) our oxygen bar systems to help release their anxiety. Many of our oxygen bar owners have approached student event coordinators with “relaxation packages” consisting of oxygen bar and chair massage sessions. Many fraternities and sororities have rented oxygen bars for membership and pledge events, as well as parties and charitable fundraisers. An Airheads oxygen and aromatherapy bar is the perfect remedy for the morning after hangover after a night of over indulgence!

Clubs, Bars, Hotels & Restaurants: On-premise sales are down because of tougher liability and drunk driver laws that have been implemented in many states. Alternative measures have been taken by people “in the biz” to address these issues and still stay competitive in their business. What could be a better addition to a club, nightclub, bar, or restaurant than an Airheads oxygen bar system? Even though oxygen is a healthy alternative to alcohol, most patrons enjoy doing both! Most club owners are content just to have the edge over their competition that the oxygen bar provides, and the cash that it generates for them is only secondary. There are many promotions and programs that Airheads customers have implemented which increased proceeds and revenue for their business. Most locations have their patrons pay $10.00 for a five to ten minute session at the oxygen bar.  Oxygen bars can generate hundreds of extra dollars during the course of a week without your establishment’s liquor sales falling off! Others implement a door charge and give away the oxygen bar sessions for free. Another popular promotion is to combine the O2 Bar sessions with a drink special at the bar. The possibilities are endless! Oxygen alleviates hangovers. It has been known to help with the metabolizing of alcohol in one’s system. It will enhance the user’s energy level and make them more alert. Just a five to ten minute session on our system is all it takes to put a smile on their face! In short, having an Airheads oxygen and aromatherapy bar will give enjoyment to your patrons and line your pockets with increased revenues.

Party Planners, Event Planners, & Meeting Planners: People today are not content “Trying to keep up with the Joneses.” Nowadays, nobody settles for mediocrity. Everyone is trying to outdo and outperform their peers and their competition. For years, parties have been planned in the same old “cookie cutter” format featuring DJ’s, dancers, and we’ve gotten bored. If you’ve attended a more upscale party, maybe you’ve seen live bands, tattoo artists, magicians, or even artists. Today’s party planner needs to break the mold and offer cutting edge entertainment. There is no better way to occupy children and teenagers at an affair than to have them doing something healthy, rather than running amuck and annoying the other guests. Oxygen bars are the perfect location for friends, relatives and coworkers to gather and socialize, whether they are drinking or not. Our O2 bar will “light up” any event with a breath of fresh air! You have seen us at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, Super Sweet 16 Parties, Weddings, Retirement Parties, Proms, Graduation Parties, and we can go on and on.

Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Mobile Marketing & Promotions: Thousands of companies set up booths at trade shows every year. Many deals are made and there is fierce competition at these trade shows. Companies battle on the show floor for potential customers. Marketing companies and corporate sales forces use our oxygen bars as an trade show attraction or trade show giveaway within their show booth to give them the edge they need to be “one up” on their competition for their customer’s attention. All of our equipment can be branded and customized with a company logo or personal message. The “bar” acts as a “People Magnet” within the trade show booth, attracting potential clients and the results have been an overwhelming success! Lines form to such lengths that their booths are barely visible! Each potential client that is seated at our oxygen bar is now a captive audience. The company representative has their prospective clients undivided attention for as long as they are seated. It is not unusual to have thousands of people sitting down to breathe our oxygen and aromas! Event planners all over the WORLD are booking or purchasing Airheads oxygen and aromatherapy bars for corporate entertainment at special events, trade shows, meetings, conventions, fairs, concerts, and anywhere there is a party!