Section #1: Assembly of the SmartBar

  1. Click here and watch this video as an over-view before you try to assemble your SmartBar. When you have finished watching the video, remove your SmartBar from the carton and carefully remove the bubble wrap. You will notice that the SmartBar has 3 sections already assembled. (The front of the bar and the two side panels are connected.) The black rear panel (with the LED light strips) is separate and must be attached to the two side panels.
  2. You will need a Phillips head screw-driver, a rubber mallet, and a needle-nose plier (or any long and pointed object that will fit in the screw holes) for assembly. ***If you wish to change out the panels of the SmartBar, go to Section #4 before you assemble the bar.
  3. Attach the rear panel to the side panels with the LED light facing INSIDE the SmartBar and the transformer connection piece at the BOTTOM of the bar. To affix the black back bar panel, start by removing the screws and maneuvering the metal connector rings of the back panel into the side panel’s connection slot. IMPORTANT: Before you screw any of the panels together, make sure that all of the teeth of the gears on the black plastic connection area are lined up properly (and evenly) interlocking as shown in the video. Once the metal ring connector piece is placed in the slot, center the metal ring connector inside the screw hole so you are able to screw the panels together. Repeat this procedure to connect the rear panel to the other side.
  4. Carefully turn the SmartBar upside-down. Repeat the above procedures to connect the rear panel to the side panels. When you have connected and secured all the sides of the SmartBar, you are now ready to connect the LED lights in section #2.


Section #2: LED Lighting Connections

  1. You are now ready to connect the LED lights on the black back panel to the transformer. Each connection has 4 male connector prongs that fit into 4 female connections. Match up the arrows on the black plastic connector of the transformer and carefully push the connectors together.
  2. Remove the small plastic on the battery door area to activate the wireless remote. Use the wireless remote control to turn on the SmartBar lights and manipulate the colors and sequence of flashing.


Section #3: Finishing the SmartBar Assembly

  1. Place the SmartBar top on the aluminum frame placing the hole either in the front or the rear of SmartBar. (If you are placing Aromarizers or Zen-Stations on the SmartBar table top, have the hole closest to the rear of the bar.) There are 3 aluminum brackets whose channels will slip over the SmartBar frame. The SmartBar frame can be manipulated to help the bar table top seat onto the aluminum frame properly. *If you are having trouble seating the SmartBar top on the frame, check to make sure that the black plastic gears where the screws go are properly lined up.  If they are, you may not have the SmartBar opened up to a perfect rectangle.
  2. The hole in the SmartBar top can be used as a pass-through for the electrical wire(s) and tubing of the Aromarizer, laptop, charging device, or any other device placed on the SmartBar table top.


Section #4: SmartBar Panel Changing

  1. Remove screws, slide out metal connector rings from slots, and carefully pull up on the aluminum frame while “wiggling” it a bit.  Pull off the top frame and set it aside. Slide out the panel and slide in the replacement panel into the aluminum frame’s tracks. Make sure that the panel is seated in the slot and that there is only about 3/8 of an inch of the panel sticking up above the frame. Replace the top aluminum frame and carefully tap into place with a rubber mallet making sure that the panel stays inside of all the aluminum tracks. Repeat this procedure for any other panels that need to be replaced.