THIS MONTH’S SPECIAL! – The Zen-Station Money Maker Oxygen Bar Package (Popup SmartBar Included) Service for 4 People


Service up to 4 people with the “Airheads Zen-Station Money Maker SmartBar Oxygen Bar Package!”

Save $125 this month with the purchase of our Zen-Station Money Maker Oxygen Bar with Airheads Popup SmartBar Package!  Service up to 4 people with this package. If you wish to service up to 6 people, just add on an additional Zen-Station on to this package during the ordering process below.

The Zen-Station (A-2) “Money Maker” Oxygen Bar Popup SmartBar Package will give you 3 therapies from the same unit – Oxygen therapy aromatherapy, and chromotherapy (light & color therapy!) Once you purchase this package, you will be given the opportunity to download our audio therapy files for free and play them through headphones to give your customers a total relaxation experience!  This package is perfect for any existing business looking for big returns on a small investment. This affordable, fully functional system is also ideal for any individual wanting to get started in the oxygen bar business without putting a dent into their bank account. You may choose to upgrade your package and/or add on items during your ordering process.

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For international or expedited orders, please email or call us at 1.561.637.0290 with your order and give us your “ship to address” so we can quote your actual shipping costs.

Included in the basic package are:

  • Two Zen-Stations (A-2) diffusers
  • One AOCS-10 Oxygen Concentrator (Service for up to 4 people at a time)
  • One Popup SmartBar with Airheads branding (no substitutions)
  • 100 nasal cannulas
  • One ounce each of peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, lemongrass, and vanilla aromas.
  • One laminated aroma menu
  • Additional 4 Zen-Station replacement bottles
  • Connections, tubing, and flow system
  • Two brushes for cleaning bottles
  • 2 sets of aroma labels for bottles
  • 3 year warranty
  • Full setup instruction manual
  • 24/7 Toll-Free customer support

Click the radio buttons below to customize your package:

Would you like to add additional nose hoses? *

You will receive 100 nose hoses with this order. If you would like order additional nose hoses and save on shipping now, order below:

Would you like to add an additional Zen-Station? *

Your package comes with 2 Zen-Stations. You may save $20 and add on an additional Zen-Station for only $275.00 and service up to 6 people at a time!

Would you like to add 6 additional Zen-Station bottles & caps? *

You can add on 6 additional Zen-Station bottles & caps to be used as spares or replacements. These are perfect to substitute and/or change out aromas when you wish to switch them out without washing out the existing aroma bottles inside the unit.

Would you like to have a 5 year warranty on your equipment? *

Your package comes with our standard 3 year warranty. You may extend that warranty another 2 years for a total of 5 years for an additional $280.00

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