Service up to 8 people with the “Aromarizer-6 Professional Oxygen Bar Package”

The “Aromarizer-6 Professional Oxygen Bar Package” is our ultimate package and our most requested package when performing at events. This turnkey oxygen bar package will give you 2 therapies from the same unit – Oxygen & Aromatherapy. This package ordered as is (without any add-ons or upgrades) will service up to 4 people simultaneously while offering 12 different aromas. It is the perfect system for a commercial establishment or anyone who is serious about working events and getting that “WOW factor!”

Our brand new AOCS-10 Oxygen Concentrators are the smallest, lightest, and quietest machines being sold on the market today – delivering up to 95% of pure oxygen and weighing in at less than 45 lbs!

You may choose to upgrade your package to service up to 8 people at a time by adding on an additional AOCS-10 Oxygen Concentrator during your ordering process below.

The 3-panel modular bar, as well as both Aromarizer-6 units come stock with white panels that are back-lighted. You may also choose to customize or brand these panels. You may custom brand all 5 panels for an additional $849.00, brand just the 3 bar panels for an additional $695.00, or only brand the two Aromarizer-6 panels for an additional $175.00.

All orders placed will be shipped out from our warehouse via ground service unless otherwise specified and paid for separately by you during the checkout procedure. For international orders, please email or call us at 1.561.637.0290 with your order and give us your “ship to address” so we can quote your actual shipping costs.

FREE GROUND SHIPPING within the continental United States!

For international or expedited orders, please email or call us at 1.561.637.0290 with your order and give us your “ship to address” so we can quote your actual shipping costs.

Included in this professional package are:

  • One 3 panel modular bar with ATA shipping case
  • One AOCS-10 (10 LPM Oxygen Concentrator)
  • Two Aromarizer-6’s (each 26″ long)
  • 2000 nasal cannulas
  • All connections and tubing needed to operate
  • Additional 6 pieces of clear vinyl tubing for bottle caps
  • One ounce each of peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus, lavender, cinnamon, gardenia, orange, lemongrass, cherry, wintergreen, almond, and vanilla aromas.
  • Two brushes for cleaning bottles
  • 24 bottle labels
  • Two additional parts kits
  • ATA shipping case for the bar
  • 3 year warranty
  • Full setup instructions
  • 24/7 Toll-Free customer service support

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