The Aromarizer-6 Deluxe Money Maker Oxygen Bar Package (Popup SmartBar Optional) Service for up to 6 People


Service up to 6 people at a time with our “Deluxe Aromarizer-6 Money Maker Oxygen Bar Package.”

The Aromarizer-6 Deluxe (A-6D) “Money Maker” Oxygen Bar Package has arrived! This system will give you two therapies from the same unit and give oxygen & aromatherapy service for up to six people at a time! It is perfect for any existing business looking for big returns on a small investment.  This affordable system is ideal for any individual or business owner wanting to make additional income, or wanting to get into the oxygen bar business without putting a dent into their bank account. The package is extremely easy to set up, maintain, and made to last!

Our A-6 diffuser has undergone many changes throughout the years, and this brand new model has earned its name! It is extremely easy to set up, maintain, and made to last. Molded from ABS plastic, when assembled, it measures 32″ long by 10″ deep by 14″ high and weighs about 10 lbs. The recessed frosted bottles snap in and out of the unit easily and are a breeze to keep clean. Our bottles are made of a special space-age plastic that will not interact with our aroma oils. Each bottle has its own LED light control button. The front panel of the Aromarizer has its own separate color control as well! Color choices for the bottles and the front panel can be changed to White, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Orange and off with just a push of the button. You can even set the Aromarizer front panel and each of the aroma bottles to go through a ‘color fade’ program!  You can view a video of the color fade program by clicking here. Our frosted bottles and white front panel absorb the LED colored lights, giving off an incredible glow which we call our “WOW factor” – guaranteed to be the focal point of everyone’s attention. The LED lights will not burn out and will last over 20,000 hours!

The A-6 Deluxe Diffuser comes stock with a plain white and translucent front panel, however, you may order a full color branded front panel with your logo or text for an additional $95.00 during your ordering process below. This package does not come with a table or bar-stand, but you may also add that on during your ordering process below. You may view how simple our Popup SmartBar is to set up by clicking here.

We strongly suggest that you purchase a ‘parts kit’ to save money and to have on hand in the future just in case. Order this package now at the special sale price of $2795! 

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Included in this entry level Deluxe Aromarizer-6 Money Maker Oxygen Bar Package are:

  • One Aromarizer-6 Deluxe (A-6D) diffuser
  • One AOCS-10 Oxygen Concentrator (over 10 LPM of output which will service up to 6 people)
  • One ounce each of peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, lemongrass, and vanilla aromas.
  • A laminated aroma menu
  • All connections and tubing needed to operate 
  • 200 nasal cannulas (nose hoses)
  • One brush for cleaning bottles
  • 2 sets of aroma labels for bottles
  • Our 3 year warranty
  • Four page setup and instruction manual
  • 24/7 Toll-Free customer support

Click the radio buttons below to customize your package:

Would you like to add a Popup SmartBar bar stand to your package? *

The Popup SmartBar bar stand can accommodate ONE Aromarizer-6 and weighs in at about 27 lbs. For more information on the Popup SmartBar please click here.

Would you like to add a parts kit? *

The parts kit contains 7 check valves, extra tubing, and 6 complete bottles that can be used with both the Zen-Station and Aromarizer-6 diffuser systems. This is everything you need to replace most worn or lost parts while also giving you the option to purchase additional aromas and having them ready to be swapped out of our diffusers in seconds! Save on shipping by ordering it now!

Would you like to add additional nose hoses? *

You will receive 200 nose hoses with this order. If you would like order additional nose hoses and save on shipping now, order below:

Would you like to add branding? *

The Aromarizer-6 diffuser comes with a blue Airheads logo on the lens, and a plain white lens. The cost to have YOUR logo placed on the plain white lens would be an additional $95.00.

Would you like to have a 5 year warranty on your equipment? *

Your package comes with our standard 3 year warranty. You may extend that warranty another 2 years for a total of 5 years for an additional $280.00

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