100 Oxygen Bar Nasal Cannulas (AKA Oxygen Bar Nose Hoses)


If you think that it doesn’t matter where you buy your oxygen bar nasal cannulas (AKA oxygen bar nose hoses), THINK AGAIN! Through trial and error, it took us many years to perfect the strength, durability and color of our nose hoses. During the manufacturing process, our quality control people reject any collapsed or obstructed flow nose hoses so you and your customers don’t have to! You can’t get a better price on a more vibrant colored nose hose ANYWHERE!  These are the industry standard 22” long nose hoses which come in five assorted colors: pink, blue, green, yellow, and purple. When worn and plugged into the 2 foot length of clear vinyl tubing connecting hose coming from our infuser bottles, it is an ample length for the user when seated or standing in front of the infuser. If the user is going to be seated or standing more than 2.5 feet away from the diffuser, you should consider purchasing more clear vinyl tubing. Please keep in mind that these nose hoses (AKA nasal cannulas) should NOT be used more than once, and they should be disposed of properly after use.

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