The SmartBar is a real “people magnet” that will grab anyone’s attention within eye-shot of it! The SmartBar is easy to assemble and stands 43” tall and is just under 18” deep by 33.5” wide. If ordered, you may choose to have it with Airheads logo for $395.00, with plain white panels for $495.00, or with your custom logo imprinted on 3 sides for $695.00. It is the perfect stand for any of our Oxygen Bar diffusers and DJ equipment. It can also be used as a podium, computer station, trade show display stand, or a reception/demonstration stand. The LED light transformer can be plugged into either a 110V or 220V outlet. The wireless controller is 2” by 3.5” by ¼” thick, and it will control everything from color and brightness, to sequential pulsations and fades from up to 12 feet away!

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Our SmartBar is so cool – IT’S HOT!



This is the premier bar on the market today! Our bar designer has been “in the trenches” for over 5 years lugging around standard oxygen bar equipment from place to place. He learned the hard way, just what he would need in order to create one of the most optimal, durable, practical, and hottest looking portable oxygen bars in the industry today!

Our standard modular “Dream Machine” 3 section bar disassembles easily into 6 manageable sections. There are 3 base panels and 3 top panels that are easily assembled with only 10 bolts and 10 wing nuts! These sections, and ALL of the bar components, fit into a functional and durable ATA carrying/shipping case with casters, which doubles as a self contained dolly that can be easily wheeled around. Each of the base sections weigh about 25 pounds and the 3 top sections weigh a bit over 10 pounds each! The ATA shipping case measures 44″ x 28″ x 28″ and will fit into any pick-up truck or SUV. The bar sections will fit into most car trunks if removed from the ATA shipping case. This is not your average bar, it’s a “high tech work of art.” All Airheads bars are hand-made and constructed of wood and durable, light-weight PVC, Lexan, Plexiglas, then laminated with ABS for easy cleaning and a great finish. Your company logo or message can be placed on the back-lighted, front bar panels as pictured on the photos above.

The “Dream Machine” line of bars can be expanded or contracted to conform to your needs. All of the bar base panels and bar top sections are interchangeable so you may purchase sections at later date and they will all fit together! Let’s say you can’t handle the “Dream Machine” standard 3 section bar at this time. You now have the option of purchasing a 2 section bar and add on to it in the future. The same holds true if you need to expand your 3 section “Dream Machine.” You may have up to 6 panels and tops attached together in one bar configuration. You may later reconfigure these panels to form TWO SEPARATE BARS! Now you have the freedom of having your o2 equipment actually conforming to your spatial and special needs.