Congratulations on purchasing your Airheads Modular Dream Machine package! If handled and maintained properly, your equipment will be making money for you for many years to come. Before you start working with your new Oxygen Bar equipment, get a complete overview of how to assemble the equipment by clicking here and watching our short 3 panel modular bar assembly video.

DM-1Setting up the 3 panel “Dream Machine” Modular Bar is easy:

1. Carefully lift the 3 bar top sections out of the ATA case and remove the loose foam inserts and place them aside. Remove the bag of 10 bolts and 10 wing nuts which will eventually affix the 3 bar bases, and the three bar top sections together.

2. Now, carefully remove each of the 3 base sections of the bar out of the ATA shipping/carrying case by placing your hands into the foam rubber cutouts. When everything is removed you will have: 3 bar top sections, 3 bar base sections, 10 bolts and 10 wing nuts and 2 extra long bolts and 2 wing nuts (which held the 3 bar tops together.)

DM-23. Making sure that the floor is clean and level, stand each section of the bar upright, being careful not to knock them over. Identify and place the logo, or center bar base section, in the middle of the two other bar sections. Slide the oval opening in the rear of the bar panel to an open position.

4. With two hands (one hand inside the oval pressing against the white lens light diffuser, and the other hand pressing against the outside of the white lens) push the lens up along the track until you are able to grab it from the top of the bar panel and pull it out.

DM-35. Place the panel aside, but remember which bar panel the lens originated from as there may be a slight difference in size of these lenses from bar panel to bar panel. Before you begin to affix any of the modular bar panels to each other, don’t forget to pull the electrical plug for the LED lights through the oval port in the rear of the bar panel BEFORE you do anything else as you may have trouble accessing them once the bar has been assembled.

There are two holes on each of the wood sides and wood tops of these bar bases. This is where you will line up the panels and tops to make the bar connect. Line up each of the modular side bar base sections with the center bar base section side to side. Notice that they are angled, and when lined up correctly, will form 3 sides of an octagon.

Insert the long bolts though the front openings of each modular bar base and screw on the wing nuts. Repeat this procedure to attach the other modular side bar base section to the center bar base section.

After all 3 bar base sections have been attached, you may now reinstall the white lenses to their perspective modular bar base by sliding them through the top slot that you pulled them out of previously. Your modular bar bases should now be sturdy and lined up. You may now proceed to placing the modular bar tops on.

Start with the center bar top (smaller triangular wedge – black finished side facing up) on top of the center modular bar base section and push the short bolts through.

Loosely affix the wing nuts by reaching through the oval cutouts in the rear of the center modular bar base section panel.

Repeat this procedure for the left and right sections as you slide them into place making sure the “wooden biscuits” interlock with the bar top sections forming a “boomerang” shape.

Once all the sections of the bar have been aligned you may then tighten all of the wing nuts on the bar tops, close the oval port on the rear of each modular bar panel making sure that the electrical plug comes through the notch hole.

You may now plug all the plugs into power strip and light up the bar!

Now that your “Dream Machine” 3 Panel Modular Bar has been assembled, we can now put together the Aromarizer-6 by clicking here.